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Panel Reverse-Exoticism: Writing Practices, Alternative Voices and Heritagization

Reverse-Exoticism: Writing Practices, Alternative Voices and Heritagization

10th and 11th september 2010

Panel of the 2010 Conference: Tourism and Seductions of Difference

Lisbon, Portugal, 9-12 Sept 2010

Cyril Isnart – Cidehus-Universidade de Évora – Portugal

Ema Pires – CRIA-ISCTE and Universidade de Évora – Portugal

Discutant: Brian O’Neill – ISCTE – Portugal

10th september 2010

16:00-17:30 Tourism and reverse practices

Saskia Cousin – LAIOS/IIAC, EHESS/CNRS, France

In-Between Otherness: Seductions of Ethnography in Tourism

Florence E. Babb – Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research, University of Florida, USA

From Revolutions to Resorts: The Allure of the Once Forbidden

Alex M. Saragoza – University of California, USA

The Seduction of Invented Nostalgia: Ethnic nationalism and “Mexican heritage” tourism

11th september 2010

9:30-11:00: Re-exotizing the cultures of the minorities

Morgan Ndlovu – Monash University, South Africa

The Presence of the Absent in the Construction of Zulu Cultural villages in South Africa: Unlocking the myth of the Myth-Reality dichotomy in the authenticity debate of cultural representations

Silvia Chiarini – Institut d’Ethnologie méditerranéenne, Européenne et Comparative (IDEMEC) – France

Writing in the construction of cultural heritage and identity in the “Occitan valleys” of Piedmont (Italy)

Enrique Galván-Álvarez – University of Alcalá – Spain

A Song Once Exotic: Isles of Fortune, Misfortune and Dreaming.

11:30-13:00 Tourism, religion and exoticism

Judith S. Neulander – Case Western Reserve University – USA

Race and Reverse Exoticism in New Mexico

Cláudia Pereira – Department of Anthropology, ISCTE-IUL – Portugal

Marketing the colonial past: Gaudde dances in Goan (Indian) tourism

General discussion

Directed by Brian O’Neill – ISCTE – Portugal

CFP Heritage at the Crossroads

39th World Congress of the International Institute of Sociology
Yerevan, Armenia
JUNE 11-14, 2009

Title of Session: Heritage at the Crossroads
Name of Session Convener(s): Jean-Louis Fabiani and Alexandra Kowalski
University/Organization incl. City: Dept of Sociology, Central European University, Budapest (HU)

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