Publication : Journal of Mediterranean Studies. Special issue

Journal of Mediterranean Studies
Volume 18, Number 1: 2008


Festivals, Games, and Ludic Performances as a New Potential Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Mediterranean World
Laurent-Sébastien Fournier

Some Notes on Tourism and the Revitalisation of of Calendrical Festivals in Europe
Jeremy Boissevain

Inventing Local Traditions, becoming a Local Brand: Creators of Ludic Performances on a Croatian Island
Nevena Skrbic Alempijevic

Private Space and Public Performance: Questioning the Notions of Sociability and Ownership in a Greek Religious Festival
Katerina Seraidari

Making Saints and Performing Locality as Heritagization? An Ethnography of Local Holiness and Village Identity in the French and Italian Alps
Cyril Isnart

Ritual Revitalization and the Construction of Places in Catalonia, Spain
Claire Guiu

Festivals of Moors and Christians: Performance, Commodity and Identity in Folk Celebrations in Southern Spain
Maria J. C. Krom

Wa’da (mawssim) and the Bedouin Heritage in Algeria
Yazid Ben Hounet

From Farmyards to Town Square, Managing Continuity through Rupture: Montepulciano’s Bruscello Theatre
Lita Crociani-Windland

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